… Nach biodynamischen Richtlinien wird …
Download pdf “F Tasting Toskana – Maremma”
Download pdf “F Tasting Toskana – Die neuen Jahrgänge”

Rivista Russa VKUS (gusto)
… “We didn’t start with the idea of producing great wines”, says Saverio Petrili. “We had a simple aim of making young fruity wines that could be sold the following spring. I don’t believe in projects that claim to make great wines from the start becausenature is not accounted for. It takes a long time”… Download pdf “VKUS”

Da “Les plus grands vins du Monde” di Bettane
et Desseauve, uscito a Parigi , Ottobre 2006
Avec Pise, Lucques est l’autre belle cité de La Toscane littorale ; la dominant à 250 mètres ….
Download pdf “Les plus grands vins du Monde”